Fake News #2

Fake News is a Edições Membrana project open to collaborators with the intent of producing posters and publications, where images and texts coexist but are independent of one another.

Natércia Pontes, Renata Scovino and Alexandre Barbosa de Souza were invited to write for the second edition of this project, with the intention of revealing, through friction and attrition, possible informational intrusions and dissimulations involving daily life.

The Fake News #2 posters were launched in the 16th edition of Tijuana SP Printed Art Fair, at Casa do Povo, São Paulo, Brazil, August 5th to 6th, 2017.
Fake News #2
Marina Oruê, Douglas Garcia

29 x 42 cm
print by risograph 3 colors:
medium blue, purple, black
print run: 90 copies

photography, Douglas Garcia
text, Thoreau, Natércia Pontes, Renata Scovino
graphic design, Marina Oruê
printing, Meli-Melo press

São Paulo, SP, July 2017
Edições Membrana

digital essay, poster text in processing

NF#2 poster I

By taking the ether the other day I was convinced how far asunder a man could be separated from his senses. You are told that it will make you unconscious, but no one can imagine what is is to be unconscious – how far removed from the state of consciousness and all that we call "this world" – until he has experienced it.
The value of the experiment is that it does give you experience of an interval as between one life and another, – a greater space than you ever travelled. You are a sane mind without organs, – groping for organs, – which if it did not soon recover its old sense would get new ones.
Thoreau, "Journal, At the dentist", 1851
(translation, Alexandre Barbosa de Souza)

NF#2 poster II

Unhealthy news, extra! extra!
In the cold morning of last 10th, it came into the world a perfect columeia flower, shape: little fish, colour: pumpkin.
(clank of aluminium pans): sour milk screaming for help!
Timeless Tetra Pack box abandoned at the bottom of the fridge by its owners; coagulated islands of casein were seen floating on the serum.
Woman suffers with intense pains in her wrist after eighteen hours caressing her cellphone screen.
"My eyes are also burning", she declares under the blue light.
Natércia Pontes, "Unhealthy news", 2017

NF#2 poster III

Here is the device.
It seems like a clock, but it has only one arm.
Inside there is a mechanism of extreme sensitivity to teluric currents.
Make that the arm stays on the meridien axis...
If it points to number 6 or if it moves towards right, it manifests balance of currents or prevalence of positives: there is nothing to fear.
The same does not happen though if it moves towards left: it is a sign of negative currents, unfailing augury of an earthquake.
— Renata Scovino, 2017