Edições Membrana was invited by Plana Festival to take part as curators of the program and activities, as well as to exhibit its publications and share tables with other publishers and artists.

Plana Festival at Cinemateca Brasileira
March 23th to 25th, 2018

Back to Nothing is a nihilistic and self-critical publication about making art. Everything that had been decided was erased. Everything that was contracted will be dismantled. Rules have been broken and agreements should be revised.
In 2018 Plana’s program was created in a new context by a community of more than twenty people in a guerrilla format for a unison and loyal battle. Each member of this community designed an activity related to his or her research and desires, assembling a multiple and sincere set. In Plana’s 6th edition, the struggle went on, and that was the year in which the festival plunged into the void, summoning a march towards the deconstruction of concepts and rules, returning to the times when we had nothing and the absolute was an abstraction.

Based on the theme Back to Nothing, Edições Membrana created the activity Intermediary, which consisted of the exhibition of the documentary A role play, by Roberto Winter, and the performance of the band Vermes do Limbo, both in the same space, in a unique 75-minute action in the Cinemateca Brasileira’s cinema.

Between the two proposals of different natures – a moment after the video and before the performance – a "dry cut" was proposed, originating the publication Intermediary, with texts by Renata Scovino and Tiago Santinho, as well as the unfolding of the activity and the early "transcription" of a future.

The launch of the publication and the activity Intermediary took place in Plana International Publishing Festival of São Paulo, "Back to Nothing" edition, at Cinemateca Brasileira, São Paulo, Brazil, on March 23th to 25th, 2018.
Marina Oruê, Douglas Garcia

16,5 x 22 cm, 28 pages
printed by indigo
edition of 60 copies

photography, Douglas Garcia
texts, Renata Scovino, Tiago Santinho
graphic design, Marina Oruê

59,4 x 84 cm
art, Marina Oruê

duration, 75 min
exhibition of the documentary A role play
by Roberto Winter
and the performance of the band Vermes do Limbo
by Guilherme Pacola and Vinicius Patrial
at the Cinemateca Brasileira movie theater
for Plana Festival

thanks to, Bia Bittencourt, Renata Teles, Plana Festival team, Cinemateca team, Roberto Winter, Guilherme Pacola, Vinicius Patrial, Renata Scovino and Tiago Santinho

São Paulo, SP, March 2018
Edições Membrana