Website design for the visual artist,
teacher and researcher Daniel Jablonski
August, 2021
Invited by Daniel Jablonski, Estúdio Membrana designed his new bilingual website, combining visual works, exhibition records, as well as essays, translations and other writings by the artist.

Identifying the title of the works (and the language, in general) as a relevant and recurring element throughout his production, the research intended to construct an environment in which the texts and images of Jablonski’s works could be visualized in layers. Thus, two typographic fonts were selected to point out that the titles work as links, without, however, losing sight of the importance of the adequate visualization of the images, presented in large format. Based on this concept, we proposed a layout and navigation model, organized the texts and edited the image flows in their respective categories. These contents were placed in an environment designed to expose, in a simple and direct way, the multifaceted production of Jablonski as a visual artist, teacher and researcher.

The typographic fonts chosen for the website are: Happy Times at the IKOB, by Lucas Le Bihan, a contemporary version of Times New Roman, and Inter, by Rasmus Andersson, a family of variable fonts designed for computer screens.

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