FEB 26–28 (10AM–10PM EST)

From the ideas of fugacity, fraction and period of time, Edições Membrana formatted the event Flashback | Flashforward, specially created for the Printed Matter's Virtual Art Book Fair, NY, in February 2021.

The event consisted of the temporary exhibition of 3 short videos ("video of the day"), pre-recorded and created as an unfolding of the publication There Is No time – It’s All Erosion.

Every 12 hours (10am – 10pm EST) the "video of the day" was replaced with the next video and so on, successively, on February 26th, 27th and 28th, on the Edições Membrana’s exhibitor website, available in the Printed Matter's Virtual Art Book Fair (PMVABF) program.

There Is No Time – It’s All Erosion

(short videos)

The There Is No time – It’s All Erosion videos for Flashback | Flashforward were proposed as an initiative for Edições Membrana’s exhibitor website in the Printed Matter's Virtual Art Book Fair, NY (PMVABF) program, in February 2021.

The idea behind the work was divided into two complementary axes. The first one was created by Marina Oruê and Douglas Garcia based on a search for videos and audios available online, specifically on free stock business websites. The filters were chosen according to a search for short videos (3’’ to 30’’) that referred to the "abstract time of machines" and the "geological time of rocks". The extraction of this material served as the basis for the edition of 3 3-minute videos, expanding the idea of the publication into a video format. The second axis focused on the artist Bruno Mendonça and the writer Julia Pedreira, invited to present 1-minute videos as a form of "transcription" of the publication.

The sum of these two axes opened up new editing possibilities for an audiovisual narrative concluded with 3 5-minute videos ("video of the day"). After the end of the Printed Matter's Virtual Art Book Fair, the material was compiled into a version containing the 3 videos that is still available on the PMVABF Exhibitor Led Programs YouTube playlist.

Imagosfera is a group of 3 performances created by the artist Bruno Mendonça specifically for the project There Is No Time – It´s All Erosion from Edições Membrana. The artist uses some Instagram filters in the video performances that emulate the Super-8 apparatus. The filters deal with the imagery of a transcending avant-garde memory which has turned into a kind of commodity and hipster fenomenum. These filters were shaped by a cultural time, art market and so on... For this series the artist has developed a kind of remix by making use of the "uncreative writing" method.

Push the button is a series of three videos created by Julia Pedreira following an invitation from Edições Membrana, for the project There Is No Time – It´s All Erosion. The videos are one-minute visual experiments, elaborated from the mixing of sound, image and text on a computer screen. The act of moving from one link to another, so common in the virtual world, becomes here the creative act in itself. A sort of "mash up", the writing is done from the appropriation and recycling of pre-existing materials. Upon framing a window and pressing play, a textual mixing is recorded on the screen forming a small textual object which synchronises rhythms and senses, expanding the notions of text, authorship and creation.

There Is No Time – It’s All Erosion
compiled version of the 3 videos
duration of approx. 14 min

video research, audios (8 min)
Douglas Garcia, Marina Oruê
performance (3 min)

Bruno Mendonça, Imagosfera 
mix of text, images and sound (3 min)
Julia Pedreira, Push the buttom

idealization, video capture, edition
Marina Oruê, Douglas Garcia / Membrana
thanks to
Bruno Mendonça, Julia Pedreira, Dj Tex - Funk do Fantasma, Vermes do Limbo - fades